Student Station is DONE!

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Okay, it’s been done for almost two months now, but I finally got around to posting the finished product.

As you may have seen in September, I mentioned I was helping with a studio re-build for the campus station I used to work for when I was in college, KNDS 96.3. I’ve cut back the amount of work I do up there, seeing as I’m not a student at NDSU anymore, but I still check on their equipment periodically and… uh… rebuild their studios haha. 

Jake behind KNDS studio controls
Me behind the controls of the old KNDS studio back in September 2009. (Picture by Erik Diedrich)

Here’s how it all started… when I was still a student last spring, we put together a proposal of some equipment that needed replacing. Not a long list, but towards the top was a new EAS box (so we could be CAP compliant) and new phone system.

We were going to get the new equipment put in (and clean up a few things too) as soon as it got approved and the equipment bought, but then we had the opportunity to get new furniture in the studio. The old furniture (pictured with me behind the controls when I was a Sophomore in 2009) was functional, but not typical of most studios. It was sitting height and in pretty rough shape. We had no intention of swapping it out, until we heard about some studio furniture that was used by a commercial FM station in the area until they moved into new facilities a few years ago. The best part? It had the low, low price tag of free!

We didn’t get started until August, but with the new furniture ready to go (and the production room wired to the transmitter so we could stay on the air!), we gutted the old room, and importantly, cleaned up the rats nest that was the old wiring! Yeah… it was a mess.

A couple long nights and weekends later, and the new was up and running. Add some new paint and sound proofing, and I dare call it one of the best looking studios in the area. Check out the pictures below to see for yourself. It was a lot of work, but a good experience (plus, I’ve now mastered soldering cables and wiring up punchblocks haha).

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