Merry New Year 2017

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Satellite dish installed!

Merry New Year Everyone! Yes, I know it’s Happy New Year… if you don’t get the reference, go watch Trading Places.

While I can’t seem to keep this blog updated, New Years posts seems to be one thing I keep up with (but hey, I did get three other additional posts in this year!). And it seems like every year I start this post off by saying I’ve been super busy.

Well this year was beyond crazy… probably one of my busiest years yet. Here’s the skinny:

  • Moved a three station radio cluster into a new facility that I built the infrastructure for.
  • Moved one our Fargo stations to our Wahpeton cluster and built out a new transmitter facility for it.
  • Remodeled three studios on my main cluster and rebuilt the infrastructure.
  • Made a trip out to my employer’s Washington state cluster.
  • Got to go to Moondance Jam with my rock stations once again this year, and spent a day at WeFest as well with my country station.
  • Got a new car, a 2017 Ford Escape (identical to my 2014 Escape)
  • And probably the biggest highlight for me this year… my stations winning the sports broadcast rights of my alma mater, North Dakota State, and taking over as engineer of the Bison Radio Network.

As much work as taking on Bison Sports has been, I can’t even begin to describe how much I have enjoyed it. I grew up in Fargo as an NDSU Bison fan, and graduated from there in 2012 (was that really 5 years ago? Geez…). I’m also an advisor to the school’s Amateur Radio club. I bleed Green and Gold. So becoming an engineer for my school’s sports broadcast network has been a real joy. And I really hadn’t done much in the way of sports radio, so taking on Bison sports was a great learning experience.

I have no pending projects (that I know of) for 2017, so I really want to spend 2017 catching up on things. I finally got going on some projects on my condo that I have been putting off since I bought the place, so I want to get those finished. I also have not one, but TWO trips planned to Las Vegas this year… one of which is for NAB. Yes, I am finally going to NAB. I have everything booked already, so I am really looking forward to that.

I really feel good about 2017. I hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying that, but I’m really excited for things to come this year. And I hope I can keep better track of my regular hijinx on this blog.

Happy New Year everyone, make it a great 2017!

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