Merry New Year 2016!

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Merry New Year!
Merry New Year! (a Trading Place reference if you don’t mind)

I’m good at many things. Updating this blog is apparently not one of them. I’ll be honest… I’m just flat out astonished 2015 is already over, and that I didn’t get a single blog post in. But since I’m at it, I guess I could use the excuse New Years post to do a 2015 recap.

  • Work. Lots of it. I had so many projects this year to go into detail, but I was kept very busy with various projects. Two new transmitters, two new FM translators, a brand new station, and new automation our Wahpeton station.
  • My parents sold their house and built a new one, so many weekends in 2015 were spent helping them move.
  • Once again this year I made it Moodance Jam with my rock stations. Always a great time!
  • I picked up another SBE Certification… I became a Certified Broadcast Networking Technologist in June by taking the exam in Minneapolis. And took a detour to Rochester, MN and Iowa in the process.
  • I didn’t make it to NAB, but I did make it down to Las Vegas in October with my family.
  • And I did get to play Ham Radio this year. I started delving into HSMM this year, something I hope to blog some more about later.

As far as 2016 goes… well… I’m want to do everything I didn’t do in 2015… ha! Not exactly, but 2015 got wickedly crazy. NAB is on the bucket list for 2016, as well as a real vacation., and some new projects that I can’t talk about just yet.

So in the words of Eddie Murphy, Merry New Year everyone. Enjoy 2016.

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