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A convoluted title, I know. It’s been a while since I’ve made a blog post… I’ve been sick, building new computers, fixing old computers, de-icing FM transmitters… the works.

I figure it’s about time I do a Ham Shack Update. For my latest addition to be complete, however, I’m still missing a few parts that won’t be here until the end of the week. So I thought I would give a sneak preview of sorts.


First new toy to the shack came just days after posting my last shack update, and that is my Yaesu FT-1900R 2-meter mobile FM transceiver. As you may recall it was on my Christmas wish list and I did end up getting it. It’s a great little radio, capable of doing 55W on full power. I have it hooked up to my slim-jim 2M/70cm end fed dipole antenna (from N9TAX) and I’m able to hit the local repeaters without too much trouble.

I did also purchase a second FT-1900R that will soon be going in my car. This will give me a dedicated radio in my car, instead of hooking up my Baofeng HT to my mag-mount antenna.

Kenwood TS-50

The other new toy that I just got last week is a Kenwood TS-50 HF radio, which I scored for a great price a club auction. I haven’t played around with it a whole lot yet, as I’m trying to figure out an antenna solution, since I’m in a ground floor apartment (not for much longer, I hope). I have a CB antenna I got from my Dad and a 20M Bazooka Dipole I got as a gift from Gordy, KDØLHB. The CB antenna, as you can imagine, doesn’t perform all that well, but the Bazooka does a great job picking up signals (all I’ve gotten so far was 40M to come through but conditions were bad when I tried it out).

The other thing is that I do not have an antenna tuner yet, so I have not been able to transmit with this rig just yet. (hence why this post is a preview). That should be here Thursday or Friday, so by this weekend I should be able to get some real results from the radio.

That’s just a glimpse of what’s to come. I hope to have the full update done next week.



One thought on “Ham Shack Update Preview

  1. Nice set of pages Jake!
    You say you live on the ground floor so antennas are a problem.
    You should have a look at Magnetic Loop Antennas. They are directional, good at tuning out interference and if anything benefit from being close to the ground.

    Mine (home built) is at ground level indoors and works better than a 20m length of wire in the garden on 80m & 40m bands.

    Best 73’s

    Si. G7DMQ

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