“Attack of the Show” ends with a bang!

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The Screen Savers 3-22-2004

Everything comes full circle.

When I was 13 or so, there was a cable network called TechTV, featuring shows about technology, gadgets, and geeks. I was just becoming a geek at that point in my life (scary to think that was almost 10 years ago already) and I could relate to what that channel had to offer.

In 2004, the channel was bought by Comcast, merged with their gaming channel, G4, and basically ruined. All the hosts were fired and any show with good content was cancelled, except for one called The Screen Savers (which was their premiere show), which they mutated and turned into a different show called Attack Of The Show. It was at this point I stopped watching the network. (It was also about this time that TSS host Leo Laporte at started TWiT and host Kevin Rose has started Revision3, and things we’re great!).

Fast forward to October 2012. After years of failing, Comcast announced they are turning G4 into Esquire, a network targeted at metrosexual men (can’t wait to see what kind of comment spam I get from those two words!). As a result, original programing on G4 was canceled effective this week, including Attack Of The Show.

Now, about six weeks ago, Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton on TWiT (who were both hosts on The Screen Savers) threw around the idea of them being featured on the last episode of AOTS, pulling a Bob Newheart type bit, and going with idea that the whole merger thing was a dream. Leo didn’t think G4 would go for it and frankly neither did I. (Exact segment link)

Well, AOTS officially ended on Wednesday. And it actually did happen. Leo and Pat got the last laugh and poked fun at the whole merger that happened in 2004 and how G4 had went down the tube. Anyone that is an AOTS fan wouldn’t get the humor, and anyone who was never into TechTV or The Screen Savers doesn’t appreciate it. But for me, a hard-core TSS fan from back then, seeing Leo and Pat on TV and hearing the old TSS theme one last time was epic. It was trip back to age 13… during a summer that was an absolute hell (that story a different day) it was a show that made the geek that I was back then excited inside again.

Video below. Enjoy.

Edit 1/28: Well that didn’t take long. G4 pulled down the video I had emedded. Too bad for them I found another one!

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